Player ID Number

All players must obtain a free APPA player identification number through the APPA database.

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Team ID Number

All teams must create a free team profile through the APPA database. You must have a Player ID number to create a team ID number

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RaceTo-2 Event Registration (Entry Fees)

Division 6 (3MAN) - 125.00

Division 4/5 (3MAN) - 150.00

Division 5 (5MAN) - 250.00

Division 4 (5MAN) - 250.00

RaceTo-4 Event Registration (Includes Paintballs)

Division 3 RaceTo-4 - 525.00

Division 4/5 RaceTo-4 - 450.00


2017 Paint Pricing

All 5STAR SERIES tournament are Event Paint Only.

Tournament Grade - As low as 49.00 per case

Professional Grade - As low as 59.00 per case

Prize Packages

The 2017 Prize packages will be announced before Feburary 15th

Includes paid entry fees to the NXL World Cup in Orlando FL.

2017 RaceTo-2 Prize Packages

2017 RaceTo-4 Prize Packages

Rule book

Full details about all rules and regulation can be found in comprehensive rule book available for free download.

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