After hearing the player's feedback following the 2015 event titled "EPL vs. GPL", the two leagues are now working together to promote more competition in the region .The Global Paintball League (GPL) and the Eastern Paintball League have officially joined forces to produce the largest tournament series in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

During the 2017 season teams from the Mid-Atlantic region will compete in the popular RaceTo-2 and Raceto-4 formats at the 5STAR SERIES. To add to the excitement teams from the EPL North Conference will join action at the 4th event of the series. The series championship "East Coast Cup" will feature 5Star Series teams who will face off against teams from all three conferences of the Eastern Paintball League.

RaceTo-2 Registration

The APPA Registraion system will to be used to classify players and to verify that team rosters meet the classification rules.

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RaceTo-4 Registration

Sign up online using our website.  The 5STAR SERIES will include 5 RaceTo-4 events including East Coast Cup.

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RaceTo-2 Dates & Venue

The 5STAR SERIES will feature 5 RaceTo-2 events during the 2017 season. Compete against the top teams in the region at OXCC Chesapeake City.


Entry fees and Paint pricing

The 2017 event pricing will remain among the lowest in the region.  Combined with quality paint and a prize package valued at over $70,000, the 5STAR SERIES is the best value in the industry.

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EPL Series

The Eastern Paintball League is divided up into four conferences, the EPL North, South, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

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Rule book

Full details about all rules and regulation can be found in comprehensive rule book available for free download.

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